“Working with Wendy has truly inspired me and has provided me with confidence in every aspect of my life.  As a result, I truly believe I enjoy a more fulfilled existence. Her objectivity, ability to provoke thought and challenge, and caring nature has helped me see life events (work and personal) in so many different ways and ultimately achieve my goals. I highly recommend Wendy as a coach.”
Senior Manager, Operational Risk

“As a coach Wendy has demonstrated an amazing ability to engage in whatever issue I bring to the session. During the sessions she’s helped me process and develop strategies to address a range of professional and personal challenges. Wendy is insightful, always ready to celebrate the good and laugh with me at the bad; through it all she’s continued to challenge me in a supportive way. Her coaching has helped me become more intentional, take more risks, and keep what’s important in life and work in focus. It’s been a great experience.”
Non-profit Consultant

“You are an excellent coach and wonderful at what you do. As a result of working with you I feel like a different person in so many ways. I believe I am a stronger leader and person. The process was not always easy, but it was incredibly rewarding.

You challenged me to be better than I believed I was. You had me take on things I had decided to just accept about myself as good enough. Through working with you, I learned to face my fears and move out of my comfort zone. As a result I feel more confident, self-assured and I approach everyday challenges differently, in both my professional and personal life.

You are a great listener, you’re wise, and you helped me see who I could be. You asked tough questions and kept me accountable, focused and always moving forward – and you did it in a caring and supportive way.

The team coaching you provided for the Executive Management team has increased our ability to work more openly and collaboratively. You were very skilled at working the team and helping us cultivate our relationships and improve our ability to work together positively.

I gained a tremendous amount from our coaching and feel blessed for the opportunity.”
Executive Team Member, Fire Department

“It was a very positive and beneficial experience for me. The coaching process was well-defined and organized, including a 360 degree feedback process to identify areas of opportunity right from the start. The exercises she did with me had tangible and immediate results.

Wendy was honest, objective and she really listened well. She was supportive and positive, and I felt like she truly cared about my development and the outcomes.

In the short term I was promoted, which was my primary objective. In the longer term I took control of my career and development, and I now have a greater sense of self-worth and confidence.   

I would definitely recommend Wendy as a coach, she helped me tremendously.”
Senior Business Analyst, Capital One

“I found our coaching to be a personally insightful and very rewarding experience. The exercises, assessments and coaching conversations we had helped me to understand my strengths and areas for further development at a deeper level. The process created space for reflection, learning and acting upon my desired leadership direction and objectives.

You are a great listener, non-judgmental and grounding. I found you to be very insightful and able to see the big picture, without making assumptions. I have made great strides in my leadership skills, and my approach with our partners and stakeholders is now more integrative and collaborative.

I found the coaching to be an excellent experience and wish you every success.”  
Executive Director, non-profit organization 

“I personally found Wendy to be very intuitive to the needs of our group. Throughout the workshop, it felt as if the program was completely adapted to meet our specific needs: that of utilizing the ‘collaborative coaching model’ to help us increase employee engagement ratings in the clinical setting.

Throughout the pre-workshop planning process, Wendy was very receptive to our ideas and spent the necessary time with us to fully appreciate our intentions for undertaking this ambitious initiative and completely aligned our objectives to her workshop curriculum. I can say with confidence that our objectives were exceeded as a result of Wendy’s willingness and expertise in facilitation and coaching.

As a result of the program, our team is more confident in their coaching skills and they are coaching more in the workplace. And based on the success of the program, we are currently planning a much broader implementation of this course throughout the Hospital for Sick Children.

I would highly recommend Wendy as a skilled facilitator; the time we spent with her was extremely valuable.”
Director, SickKids

“Coaching has been a great experience for me.  Wendy's approach introduced new ways of looking at areas I wanted to improve that I had not considered before.  Her methods allowed me to break down the weak areas in my life and strengthen them. Wendy helped me to look into the future, shape what I want to become and take the necessary steps required to become that person and leader…The overall result is I am happier and more fulfilled at work and at home.”   
Manager, Capital One

“Wendy is a warm, caring and intuitive coach who inspires trust, which in turn allows me to take the personal risks necessary in order to become more of who I can be. My coaching sessions with Wendy are energizing and full of humour, but most of all powerfully productive. Wendy has taken me to so many new levels of personal growth, for that alone I can highly recommend her.”  
Coach & Small Business Owner

“Wendy facilitated our keynote session for the PostNet Canada 2007 annual convention. She was able to keep a disparate group of business owners (franchisees) on track; on time and most importantly working together to better understand how we can deliver excellent customer service. I would recommend her highly to assist your organization through coaching or facilitation.”
National Franchise Owner

“My coaching sessions have been a tremendous asset. You are direct, honest and very caring, and in a short session, we accomplish so much. We seem to focus on progressing on life's plans and I am always left with a positive reinforcement and new learning to bring to my week and my life. I highly recommend Wendy as a professional coach; she has helped me to bring the positive to light and to step into my power and leadership.”
Mom & Small Business Owner