Coaching in the corporate world is now the norm. In fact it is estimated to be a $1 billion industry in North America. It is also accepted as one of the management styles necessary for effective leadership. It is regarded as the style with the greatest potential to improve and generate results. Thus the real challenge is not whether to use coaching, but how to get really good coaches for your people.

At Spire we offer some distinct advantages:

Our goal is great, sustainable results. We do this by partnering with you and providing training and development over time, so concepts and learning can be explored and integrated in the workplace before new content is layered in.

Our approach to coaching individuals and teams is to come from a place of authenticity, listening and empowering people’s creativity and leadership to meet their potential. We believe everyone is a leader and we engage them from that perspective.

Our coaches and leaders are highly trained and certified as recognized by the International Coach Federation. All our coaches have significant experience in the corporate world which they regularly draw upon when working with clients.

The processes and tools we use are based on proven methodologies and years of experience. Our assessment tools are best of class.

We coach teams as whole and dynamic systems, knowing that they are much more than the sum of their parts. Our team assessment takes a holistic view of the team and builds on its strengths as a system.

Why Spire